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Why are trial accounts restricted?

Anyone can try Testcontainers Cloud for free during a trial period. Unfortunately, some features are restricted to prevent potential abuse (e.g. crypto-mining). Simply reach out to us to lift the restrictions!

What's a trial?

Anyone can sign up to start a free trial of Testcontainers Cloud. The free trial remains available for the duration of the beta.

Why are there restrictions during a trial?

Unfortunately, there are bad actors out there. To avoid abuse, notably crypto-mining, we've had to restrict some features. 

What features are restricted during a trial?

Trial accounts have the following restrictions in place:

  1. You can use Testcontainers Cloud on desktop, but turbo mode is disabled which means that all tests execute on a single worker.
  2. You can try Testcontainers Cloud with your CI, but with a single Service Account running a single session at a time (i.e. no concurrent builds and no turbo mode).
  3. Up to 10 users can join the trial.

How can I lift these restrictions?

If the restrictions get in your way, simply reach out to us to remove them. You can request an advanced trial by submitting the upgrade form available in the application.