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How can I filter Dashboards?

You can filter dashboards by container image names, by unique session or worker id, by users and service accounts

Filter dashboards by container image names

You can filter the dashboards by container image name by selecting one or more images; your dashboards will show the associated volume of testing activity over time, the number of containers run by image, and the latest test sessions that included these images.

Filter dashboards with unique session or worker id

You can filter the dashboards by any id found in the logs. When debugging a specific test run or CI job, you often want to see only the corresponding session in the dashboard. You can now copy any unique id, including the session's id or even a given worker's id (sometimes also referred as a "lease" in logs). By pasting this id in the "filter sessions" bar, you will not only locate the session, but also tailor the activity and container widgets to get immediate answers.

Filter the dashboard by users and service accounts

You can filter the whole dashboard, including the usage and top container widgets as well as the list of recent sessions, by user and service accounts. This allows you for example to pick a service account to examine only the sessions for a given CI pipeline, or to filter by all users to exclude CI activity in your analytics