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How to access Testcontainers Cloud app logs?

You can use the Show logs menu in the tray Testcontainers Cloud application

The client application and the corresponding agent log into a testcontainers-cloud-desktop.log file, that can be opened through the icon in the taskbar by clicking on Show logs menu.

Currently, the desktop app logs some errors that appear and are expected during normal Testcontainers Cloud use. For example, the result of Testcontainers WaitStrategies, which involves checking for open ports during the startup process of containers. Please ignore these log lines, in future releases we'll reconfigure logging to be less noisy under expected conditions.

2021-07-08 16:21:23,399 INFO [Thread-6] c.a.c.d.b.AgentRunner [AgentRunner.java:98] agent (pid: 22376): 2021/07/08 16:21:23.399482 error while copy local->remote: EOF