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How to get Testcontainers Cloud Agent or Testcontainers Desktop app logs?

Obtaining the log file

Testcontainers Desktop

The application writes the log into the file in the system-dependent location. The easiest way to access that location is via the menu Preferences > Show logs...

To locate the destination manually, these locations should be used:

  • On macOS: $HOME/Library/Logs/AtomicJar/testcontainers.cloud.desktop/testcontainers-cloud-desktop.log
  • On linux: ${XDG_CACHE_HOME:-$HOME}/.cache/AtomicJar/testcontainers.cloud.desktop/testcontainers-cloud-desktop.log
  • On windows: %LocalAppData%/AtomicJar/testcontainers.cloud.desktop/testcontainers-cloud-desktop.log

The log file is rotated once it gets bigger than 5Mb.

Testcontainers Cloud Agent

The agent writes logs to the stderr once executed. To store logs in a file, the agent could be launched this way:

./tcc-agent > "./tcc/agent.log" 2>&1 &

This will redirect both stdout and stderr output to a specified location.

GitHub Action

Writing to a specific logfile supported out of the box in the official GitHub Action via logfile parameter. Later, the log file can be uploaded for download via actions/upload-artifact action.