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How to enable verbose logging?

This article could be useful for debugging issues with the help of additional debug log level enabled in the agent logs.

Testcontainers Cloud Desktop usage:

Add a property into a per-user configuration in the ~/.testcontainers.properties file:

cloud.logs.verbose = true

You would have to Exit, and then relaunch the client to apply the configuration change.

Agent CLI usage:

Add the flag to the CLI invocation:


the same result could be achieved with the help of the environmental variable


Agent CLI will also respect the property value from the Testcontainers Cloud Desktop usage section.

Alternatively, on linux, you could try:

adding the following line into ~/.profile file:


On the MacOS:

It's possible to run desktop client from the terminal with full access to the environment variables management for debugging purposes:

open -W --stdout $(tty) --stderr $(tty) /Applications/Testcontainers\ Cloud\ Desktop.app

this way all the environment variables could be defined inline:

TC_CLOUD_LOGS_VERBOSE=true open -W --stdout $(tty) --stderr $(tty) /Applications/Testcontainers\ Cloud\ Desktop.app

How to verify if it was enabled:

If everything is correct, you will see in the log a similar line very early in the log flow:

2022-11-07T18:47:56.964Z --- DBG Verbose output enabled