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How to understand that my tests are running with Testcontainers Cloud?

Explore the Connection section in the Testcontainers Cloud Desktop application

Since Testcontainers Cloud v1.3.1 you'll see the cloud on the tray icon when connection is established and lease is 'Active'

If you installed the Testcontainers Cloud application on your local machine you should see the icon in the tray menu. To check that your tests are running with the Testcontainers Cloud application just click on the Testcontainers Cloud application icon, you'll see the connection state: Running or Passive. If you click on the Connection sub-menu you'll see the detailed connection information. 

Connected to: zone/region you are connected to (connection latency in ms)

Leases: id of the opened connection (STATE).

ACTIVE Leases mean that your connection is active and you have Testconatiners Cloud resources allocated for your tests.

PASSIVE Leases mean that your connection is closed and no more Testconatiners Cloud resources are allocated.

Data: R: reading kB, W: writing kB

Running state

Passive state