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How to run my existing integration tests with Testcontainers Cloud?

Running your existing Testcontainers based integration tests works out of the box with Testcontainers Cloud.

To get a better feel for the experience of using Testcontainers Cloud, we recommend running your test two times in quick succession, so that you can get a feeling for working with a warmed-up environment.

Testcontainers Cloud also works when you run your tests from your IDE, so often it is useful to get started by running a few tests from the IDE to get an overview of how your project's tests run on Testcontainers Cloud. Use normal IDE functionality to run the tests and check the output logs for Testcontainers Cloud being the used Docker implementation.

If you want to switch back to local Docker just stop Testcontainers Cloud Client app and your Testcontainers based integration tests will run using local Docker